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Image by Sebastian Unrau

Forest adventure days
Hiking days to get to know the forest, to feel good and recharge your batteries
October 20th to 24th, 2021

day 1

Getting to know each other on Grafenmatt. With conversations about forest experiences, plants along the way, mushrooms in autumn and the first opportunity for conscious sensory perception of the forest. Afterwards we have dinner together and discuss the coming days.

day 2

On the way with a forester. Information about the importance of the forest for animals and people, past and present. A story time will introduce us to the deeper meaning of the forest.

Day 3

Simple yoga exercises in the forest focus our senses on the forest experience so that we feel not just like visitors, but as part of the forest.

Day 4

“Forest species” is our topic today. We will perceive the forest as an art collection and become forest artists ourselves. We will listen to and read forest poems and create our own little works of art. In the evening we listen to forest stories from the Black Forest by the fireplace. 

Day 5

Hike to Feldsee via the Feldbergsteig, past rare forest biotopes. On the way we will perceive the forest like a bird and stop at the oldest Black Forest inn. 

In addition to the shared activities, there is enough time for your own walks or excursions.

Forest seminar including program, full board and overnight stay

from 20th to 24th October 2021

480 € per person in a double room / 560 € p.p. in a single room  

Booking and information via contact form or

Tel. 07676-9333690

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